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My Story Begins In Ithaca.

As A Third Generation Remodeling Contractor,
You Can Safely Say That Remodeling Is In My Blood.

My Family Has Been Building In This Area Since The 1700s…

I was born and raised right here in Ithaca, NY. In fact, my mother’s ancestors migrated to this country in 1657, well before it even became the United States. Settling the Ellis Hollow/Snyder Hill area way back in the late 1700’s, they designed and built some of the first homes in that area, many of which are stilling standing today.

Home building and remodeling runs deep on both sides of my family and while I gleaned some of my skills and pride from my mother’s side of my family it was actually my father who was mentored by his father in “old-world” craftsmanship, that taught me most of my skills and the “true” meaning of quality and excellence.

In fact, I began my mentorship and tutelage with my father and grandfather when I was just 9 years old. I remember going to work with my father and grandfather every chance I could as a young boy, eager to learn the family business and I loved working with them. Overall, there are several generations of old world craftsmanship handed down to me – more than 200 years from both sides of my family.

I worked with my father throughout my boyhood right through high school and then again after college. Every summer break and nearly every day off from school you would find us working together. It was during these years with my dad that I really came to appreciate what it meant to deliver a quality product and how important it is to ALWAYS treat customers like gold.

Over the years those values and lessons taught to me served as the foundation that formed the guiding principle that permeates every aspect of our company, my belief system that is shared by all members of my team and the core values of our company to this day.

Our Guiding Principle:


Our Guiding Belief:

We Believe There Is A Unique And Exciting Future For Every Room In Your Home and that people deserve nothing less than a perfect remodel for their hard earned money.

Our Core Values:

People. Process. Product.

Even people that have never been in the construction business can look at a remodel and recognize poor workmanship; it is self-evident when compromises have been made and a remodel was completed by cutting corners using lower standards and inferior materials.

Simply stated, that kind of work does not stand the test of time. It starts to fall apart: seams leak, paint flakes, foundations crack, cabinet doors fall off and the list goes on. You’re left with a depreciating liability that brings you grief and aggravation rather than an appreciating asset that brings you joy and happiness.

That Is Why At Upscale Remodeling In NY:

People are more important than profits. We want clients for life, not just a job. That means treating you with respect and realizing that when you invite us into your home you are entrusting us with the safety and well-being of not only your hard earned money and largest financial asset but also your family. We will not jeopardize our relationships and your well being for profits…PERIOD.

Processes dictate results. When there are clear expectations and proven processes in place, delays, budget overruns, miscommunications, and missed deadlines are virtually eliminated.

Product is what we leave behind. It has to be perfect. At the end of the day, the only thing that people have to judge us by is our work and our actions. Therefore, we are absolutely determined to leave behind a product that is flawless and a client that is ecstatic!

This is what drives us, what compels us and what led us to create a truly unique and amazing experience for our valued clients.

It has been more than two-and-a-half decades since Upscale Remodeling was first established and we are still just as unwilling to compromise on our quality or our construction methods as we were on day one. Which is a good thing, because if you’re like most people, when you remodel your home, you want it done right - the first time! You want it to last for years and you don’t want it to be mediocre - you want it to be stunning…

At Upscale Remodeling we deliver that.

It is not a sales pitch, it is our promise!

Upscale Remodeling Corporation

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Freeville, NY 13068

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