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In addition to a gallery of project photographs, we also wanted to give you a more in-depth, “behind the scenes” look at some of the projects we’ve completed. Please enjoy these… and check back as we will be adding more in the future!

The Gossetts

case studies

Jim and Elizabeth Gossett were looking for a new home. Their Realtor sent them pictures of a number of houses, and the Gossetts browsed and considered. One set of pictures was from lakefront house in Lansing, NY… Then, one Saturday morning, Elizabeth noticed an ad for an Open House being held there that very afternoon. They decided to pay a visit. And… that casual stop was life-changing. The Gossetts were sold. They bought the home.

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The Hedricks


Peter and Libby Hedrick had an unused room in their home. Sure, the room had big dreams! It dreamed of being The Loom Room, home to the many looms that Libby Hedrick inherited from her aunt, a room vibrating with activity! But, alas, years passed without the dream coming to fruition.

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The Letchworths


In 2002 when Hayden Letchworth was in the market for a new home, he looked at a Cape Cod that had numerous serious problems, including decayed windows and exterior doors. A number of potential buyers had previously walked away from the West Hill home, but Hayden envisioned a charming two-bedroom cottage and bought it.

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The Ormsbys


In 2001, Dr. Jan Ormsby and her husband, Gary, wanted a new location for their dental practice. Dr. Ormsby dreamed of a dental practice overlooking Cayuga Lake – Literally. She had actually dreamt about it. -- so when the Ormsby’s realtor showed them a house high on the cliffs of Esty Hill in Ithaca, they were SOLD! It had a spectacular location … but it was not ready for patients. After all, it was a HOME, not a dental office.

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Rob & Betina


Rob and Bettina saw a house for sale along the East shore of Cayuga Lake. The simple boxy house would never, in any stretch of the imagination, be called much more than “livable.” But our clients? Ah, they saw a diamond in the rough.

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The Williamsons


Ann and David Williamson had an exciting opportunity that many homeowners would covet – 500 square feet of unfinished space over the garage of their home …But what to do with such an opportunity?

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The Wisharts


When John and Tori Wishart were looking for a home in Ithaca, they found one they loved and bought it for a great price. But there was a reason for that great price -- many updates were needed. Over time, they have had many of those updates completed, all by Upscale Remodeling – a half bath, insulation, a roof. But two projects have taken the Wisharts’ breath away – the front porch and the kitchen.

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