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Case Study: The Hedricks

From Hodge-Podge Junk RoomTo Our Dream Library…
“It Makes Me Happy Just To Walk Into This Room!”


Peter and Libby Hedrick had an unused room in their home. Sure, the room had big dreams! It dreamed of being The Loom Room, home to the many looms that Libby Hedrick inherited from her aunt, a room vibrating with activity! But, alas, years passed without the dream coming to fruition.

Year by year, inch by inch, the room became a hodgepodge guest room-storage area with no discernable layout and certainly no bright future. “It was a horrible, junky room,” said Libby.

But this room! … this room was too precious to go to waste in the hodgepodge. This room was a generous, second-story room with big, wonderful, South-facing windows.

The Hedricks looked at the room again and realized it would be a great space to house their many books. Thus, the Library was born.

Hendrick Study Hendrick Study Hendrick Study Hendrick Study

The Hedricks had a good idea of what they wanted in a library but they, of course, questioned how the layout would come together, especially since it wasn’t going to just house books; the home office and computer work station were going to be joining the legions of books. The comfortable needed to be blended with the functional. They hired the Upscale Remodeling team and the plans started.

The Hedricks watched the Library finally take shape.

The transformation was incredible. “It turned out better than we imagined!” said Peter. “We love the woodwork.” “It makes me happy just to walk into this room,” said Libby. They even have a friend who is a carpenter in Rochester who repeatedly tells the Hedricks that the quality of the work is “really astonishing.”

Being so pleased, the Hedricks have since hired Upscale Remodeling for every remodeling job in their home – from a small ceiling repair, to new replacement windows, a new bathroom, an entire kitchen remodel (“The reconfiguration of our kitchen was terrific!” said Peter. “We have so much more room!”)… and the list goes on.

“We have had nothing but great experiences with Upscale Remodeling,” said Peter. “Their professionalism is first rate. The craftsmanship was superb and the craftsmen were wonderful people. And those are the kinds of people I want working on my home.”

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