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Industry Standards Weren’t Tough Enough…

So We SET THE STANDARDS For The Industry.


Unfortunately, the industry doesn’t police itself at all. Licensing is not even an option in this part of New York… and the BBB, while helpful, doesn’t always tell the whole story about a given remodeling contractor. Additionally, most homeowners don’t really know how to judge a contractor; they don’t know what qualities to look for… or what warning signs to watch out for when it comes to hiring professional help.

That’s why we created our Consumer Awareness Guide. It’s a guideline for you—the homeowner—to use while conducting your due diligence on remodeling contractors. It shows you EXACTLY what to expect from a reputable contractor in terms of reputation, stability, professionalism, and workmanship. Any contractor that cannot withstand the scrutiny of this guide should not be considered.

Whether you hire us or not, this guide will help you find the contractor that’s right for you.

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