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Quality Without Compromise: Making sure everything is PERFECT is our first concern.

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Steve Nash

Steve Nash

Does it really matter how a remodeler FEELS about remodeling? That’s kind of a weird question, I know. But I think it’s an extremely important one.

I started Upscale Remodeling in New York because I absolutely LOVE remodeling. My father and grandfather were both remodelers, and I worked for them since I was just 9 years old. It’s all I’ve ever known, and all I ever wanted to do. I continued working with my father throughout high school and went on to “construction college” in 1988.

Shortly thereafter in 1992, I started this company with a dream of creating (literally) the world’s greatest remodeling company… and the number-one choice for a remodeling contractor in Ithaca, NY. I recruited a “Dream Team” of professionals who focus on two things—and TWO THINGS ONLY: Quality work and customer satisfaction.

We’ve completed more than 1,500 major projects since we started, and we boast nearly a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Apparently, we’re doing something right. That’s what happens when you’re really good at what you do. More importantly, that’s what happens when you absolutely LOVE what you do and truly CARE about your clients.

Give us a call today to discuss your upcoming project. We’d be honored to give you our advice and an estimate.


Steve Nash